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Our consultation services are for research teams, organizations, workplaces, and service providers who are looking to ensure that their documentation, educational materials, physical and virtual spaces, and/or project design and ethics are queer and gender affirming. 

What We Do

Our team will review your requested materials or space, provide recommendations, and work collaboratively with you to design and implement a strategy to ensure that they are queer and gender affirming. All recommendations and strategies provided consider the various intersections of queer and gender diverse people’s identities and experiences. Our consultation services aim to provide feasible, action-oriented strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

What We Review

  • Research Proposals and Ethics

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Intake Forms

  • Website Design and Language

  • Surveys / Questionnaires

  • Employee and Volunteer Onboarding Forms

  • Educational Materials / Course Design

  • Service Models

  • Company Health and Benefits Plans

  • Code of Conduct

  • Floor Plans for Physical Spaces

  • Social Media Statements / Posts

Let's Work Together!

Contact us, we would love to help you create queer and gender affirming documents, research projects, educational materials, and spaces.


*50% of profits go towards our Community Care Fund.

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