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Our Services

Peer Support Groups

We offer a variety of topic-specific peer support groups that foster positive interdependence and collective care. Each group varies in structure and is adaptable to the needs of participants. The ultimate goal of our peer support groups is to cultivate a space for queer and gender diverse folx to find community connections, share stories and experience, and collectively develop tools for individual and community wellness.

Educational Workshops and Training for Service Providers

We offer engaging and interactive educational workshops to community groups, organizations, and service providers looking to expand on their knowledge of queer and gender diverse communities. Our workshops range in topic and can be customized to specific services and needs. 

Research Services

At TransCare+ we are committed to community-driven research and knowledge mobilization. As such, we offer a variety of research-related services to empower individuals or community groups to develop and implement projects that they deem relevant and necessary for their communities. 


Our consultation services are for research teams, organizations, workplaces, and service providers who are looking to ensure that their documentation, educational materials, physical and virtual spaces, and/or project design and ethics are queer and gender affirming. 

Mutual Aid

TransCare+ operates on the values of collective care, solidarity, and mutual aid. As such, our Community Care Fund is directed at providing queer and gender diverse folx with assistance in meeting their basic care needs. Keeping with our expensive understanding of care, the community care fund can be accessed for multiple care related needs, including but not limited to transition related care, mental health services, reproductive care, sexual health services, bail or legal funds, spiritual wellness, food, and housing. 

When applications are open priority will be given to poverty class, Black, Indigenous, POC, disabled, neurodiverse, and fat queer and gender diverse folx. Support will be provided in the form of micro grants.

Application status: closed

Our Gender Affirming Gear Program provides queer and gender diverse folx of all sizes and skin tones access to gender affirming apparel and products, such as, binders, trans tape, breast forms, gaffs, packers, etc.

Individuals may receive either a gift certificate for a gender affirming gear provider of their choice or a new or gently used apparel or product.

When applications are open priority will be given to poverty class, Black, Indigenous, POC, disabled, neurodiverse, and fat queer and gender diverse folx. 

Application status: closed

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