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Research for The Purpose of Social Change

TransCare+ seeks to mobilize research for the purpose of social change. Research, historically and contemporarily, typically takes place on queer and gender diverse communities, rather than in collaboration with or directed by queer and gender diverse folx. At TransCare+ we want to empower our communities to develop and carry out research and creative projects by providing them with resources and opportunities for collaboration. All of our research and creative projects are community-driven, participatory, and directed towards social change. 

We aim for transparency and accountability to community and prioritize the practices of coalition – working together across difference to create change. All research projects from the moment of inception to the dissemination of knowledge is direct by gender diverse folks and centred on accessibility and intersectionality. TransCare+ believes in rejecting the tendency to house trans knowledge in areas that are inaccessible to trans folks. All research outcomes will be publicly accessible and displayed in various form, including but not limited to: articles, zines, art, video, graphics, etc. 

"Nothing about us, without us"

- James Charlton


Your Platform. Your Voice.

Transfeminist Care Manifesto (Zine)

Call for Submissions Closed

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Comfort Food (Zine)

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What Projects Do We Support?

At TransCare+ we support a wide variety of research including, but not limited to, applied and action research, with qualitative, art-based, and quantitative approaches. We also actively engage in and promote community-based creative projects in the form of zines, infographics, graphic recording, digital storytelling, website creation, crafting, film and animation, exhibits and visual art, and music and dance

What Resources Do We Provide?

TransCare+ can be a resource to you in the following ways:
  • Project development
  • Grant writing
  • Ethics review
  • Literature and resource scan
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Capacity building
  • Assist in research/project tasks 
  • Networking and 
  • Partial or full research partner

Want To Work With Us?


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Ethics and Policies

The following documents were developed in consultation with queer, trans, Two-Spirit, non-binary, and gender non-confirming communities and have been approved by the TransCare+ team. Each are a living document and are subject to change throughout the life of any particular project. New and updated policies will be posted here.

(In final stages of revision)

Mission, Goals, and Guiding Principles

Informed Consent

Principles of Research Ethics

Authorship and Acknowledgement Policy

Accessibility Policy

Ethics and Policies
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