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There are many ways you can donate to TransCare+. Every little bit helps no matter how big or small. 


At the current moment TransCare+ is run by a team of incredible volunteers, as we do not have external funders. As such we rely on the generosity of the community to help us provide and enhance the programs and services we offer. Here are some ways to donate:

  • A one time, weekly, monthly or annual gift of cash via the Donerbox form.

  • Fundraising Events.

  • Non-cash Gifts

  • Skills or Services

General Fund

As a non-profit community-based organization our General Fund allows us to provide and enhance services and programming in a manner that remains independent from government funding. The money we receive for the general fund provides flexibility in what programming we offer and how we offer it. A donation to the general fund helps us provide honorariums to blog contributors and volunteers for their labour and time, invite external speakers, artists, and services to curated events, workshops, and panels for queer and gender diverse folks, and facilitate our peer support groups. 

Community Care Fund

TransCare+ operates on the values of collective care, solidarity, and mutual aid. As such, our Community Care Fund is directed at providing queer and gender diverse folks with assistance in meeting their basic care needs. Keeping with our expensive understanding of care, the community care fund can be accessed for multiple care related needs, including but not limited to transition related care, mental health services, reproductive care, sexual health services, bail or legal funds, spiritual wellness, food, and housing. 


As the Community Care Fund continues to grow, we will open applications for the fund and provide the funds in the form of care micro grants. Our goal is to serve as many people as possible. When applications are open priority will be given to poverty class, Black, Indigenous, POC, disabled, neurodiverse, and fat queer and gender diverse folx. Stay up to date with our services page and Instagram for application openings.

Gender Affirming Garments Program

Our Gender Affirming Garment Program provides queer and gender diverse folx of all sizes and skin tones access to gender affirming apparel and products, such as, binders, trans tape, breast forms, gaffs, packers, etc. A donation to this program allows us to purchase and distribute gender affirming garments or gift cards from gender affirming garment providers directly to those in need.

Non-cash Gifts

TransCare+ accepts non-cash gifts for our Gender Affirming Garment Program and fundraising auctions on an ongoing basis. We accept donations of gently used binders. If you have a binder, you no longer need, please contact us and we will provide you with a mailing slip. For our fundraising auctions we are always greatly appreciative if you are an artist, business owner, or community member that is willing to donate something we can feature at our auction. All proceeds from the auctions go directly towards our Community Care Fund.

Skill Donation

If you are an artist, community member, business owner, or a person of all trades, TransCare+ would be grateful for you to donate your time and energy.  Whether your skills are related to graphic design, social media, community-care, fundraising, writing, or research we would be happy to have you. Those volunteering their time with us are invaluable members of the care network that TransCare+ seeks to create. If you're interested in volunteering your time, please reach out to us or fill out this form.

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