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Healing Masculinity: FTM, Transmasc & Non-binary Support Group

Peer Support Group

Healing Masculinity is a peer-led support group for FTM, Transmasc, Non-Binary, and questioning folks of all ages across so-called Canada. Healing Masculinity is an informal, discussion based, drop-in program that centers on unpacking, challenging, and reimagining masculinity. 


The support group meets biweekly on Thursdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm EST.


Come and chat with other trans and non-binary folks on the masc spectrum to share experiences, get peer advice, and meet other members of the community. Participants can expect a safe space to explore all things related to being trans, masculinity, transition, and more  with peers. Healing Masculinity is an open group, meaning that folks can join on a rolling basis. Before joining, new members will be required to review the collectively developed guidelines of the group. This is a living document, meaning that it is subject to change and that new members are welcome to add/amend it. 

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