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Rural Queers

Peer Support Group

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Rural Queers is a support and social group for queer and gender diverse folx residing in rural places. The group provides a space for 2SLGBTQIAA+ folx to form community, building a resource toolkit, share lived experiences, and work towards social change in places they call home.

Rural Queers, like all of our groups, is trauma-informed and committed to anti-oppressive and accessible forms of engagement and knowledge.

We meet the third Thursday of everything month from 6:00pm-7:00pm EST.


Rural Queers is an open group, meaning that folx can join on a rolling basis. Before joining new members will be required to review the collectively developed guidelines of the group. This is a living document, meaning that it is subject to change and that new members are welcome to add/emend it. 

Who Can Join?

How Do We Define Rural?

Ongoing Connection


This group is open to anyone who identifies underneath the gender diverse and/or queer umbrella who is over the age of 14 and is located in a rural community. 

TransCare+ defines rural both in terms of small communities (e.g. towns, villages, etc.), but also in terms of places with limit resources (e.g., little to no 2SLGBTQIAA+ resources), and/or areas with a political and cultural climate that has resulted in limited funding/inclusion towards resources. 

In addition to monthly meetings members will have access to the Rural Queers discord platform where they will be able to connect with one another, share resources/events, and build community.  

A week before every meeting an agenda will be sent out to all members. Members will be allowed to make amendment or additions.

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