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TransCare+ is a community-based organization run by and for queer and gender diverse folx. We strive to centre holistic, community-focused, and anti-colonial understandings of care and wellness in a way that is accessible to queer and gender diverse folx of various lived experiences. To do so, we work with queer and gender diverse communities to identify, develop, and provide services and resources that meet the care needs of queer and gender diverse folx across so-called Canada. TransCare+ operates as a knowledge hub, educational platform/service provider, and care collective.

We Are Committed To

Collective care involves a communal responsibility to care for and about one another. At its heart, collective care aims to build a non-hierarchical and sustainable caring system grounded in trust, solidarity, interdependence, and social justice. Collective care recognizes that improving ones emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and physical wellbeing is not a task that is undertaken in silos. As such, collective care is attentive to how race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability impact the care we need and aims to build a culture of care directed at radical transformation.

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Collective Care

Grounded in the work of disability justice activists and community organizers, a critical engagement with accessibility involves a dramatic revisioning of what "accessibility" really means. Such a vision involves a movement towards a world where no one is left behind and creating spaces and knowledge that are accessible to everyone. At TransCare+ we believe that language, disability, neurodiversity, class, race, nationality, gender, and/or sexuality should not limit opportunities for participation and access to knowledge.

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Assuming that all queer and gender diverse people have the same level of access to care ignores structural barriers created by white supremacy, colonization, and ableism. Dismantling white supremacy at a structural level means centering the people in our communities who face the most barriers to justice.

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Dismantling White Supremacy 

Our platform is run by and for queer and gender diverse folx. We believe that queer and gender diverse people are best equipped to support one another, and that each person knows best what care looks like for them. We use active listening, community knowledge, shared lived experience and reciprocity to reimagine care possibilities.

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Peer Support

We believe in a trauma-informed approach to reducing harm, which involves: minimizing barriers to care, meeting people where they are at, and supporting one another in our collective survival. At TransCare+ we recognize that everyone has different coping mechanisms for survival, and we do not blame or judge folks for substance use, underground economy work, or self-injury.

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Harm Reduction

T4T love, or trans for trans love, is when gender diverse folks care, support, and love one another across difference. T4T love is grounded in community and strives to bring trans folks together to challenge the oppressive-systems that aim to minimize our radical power by dividing and separating us. According to activist and scholar Hil Malatino, T4T is guided by a blueprint of “trans love – small acts that make life more livable in and through difficult circumstances.”

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T4T Love

TransCare+ was founded on the traditional lands of the Wolastoqiyik peoples and operates across the many Indigenous territories of Turtle Island.  We acknowledge and are accountable to the legacy of colonialism and commit ourselves to combatting the colonial past and present. At TransCare+ we also acknowledge the long history of activists and community organizers, in particular those whom are 2SLGBTQIAA+, poverty- working class, disabled, neurodiverse, mad, Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Colour, who have shaped the way in which we do this work today.




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